It’s So ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ is a video site dedicated to people whom want to say goodbye to their loved ones via video. A final Goodbye is very emotional, personal and can be traumatic. Your reasons for saying goodbye, who you want to say goodbye and what you want to say are entirely at your discretion. You do not have to be terminally ill, a life policy holders or someone whom wants to get their affairs in order to have a final goodbye video. We are living in unprecedented times where everyone must prepare for tomorrow, are you prepared for life after death for your loved ones?

It’s So ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ is also a video platform which gives loved ones whom unable to attend cremation or funeral the opportunity to view live streaming of service online. Due to the unfortunate events in our society funeral directors and crematoriums are being encouraged to live stream funerals and cremations. Our primary directive is to bridge the gap of grief and saying goodbye so loved ones may have a digital record of the ceremony. Now Saying Goodbye Is Not Forever.